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One Buncombe Fund: A Local, Worthy Cause

Want to start your day with an instant pick-me-up? Try donating to a local nonprofit! ABE marketing coordinator Brenda Cooke confirms it’s a real mood booster. She recently went to the offices of One Buncombe Fund to donate, as promised, a check on behalf of ABE representing the following: $100 won in a contest sponsored by vendor Konica Minolta, $100 in matching funds requested by ABE from Konica Minolta’s community giving program, and $100 in matching funds from ABE. 

Non-Profit Spotlight: Hendersonville Rescue Mission

For forty years, HRM has remained unwavering in its mission to help men and women who are going through a tough spot in life, with the ultimate goal of giving them the tools needed to bring about lasting change and to better their lives. Read about their amazing beginnings, with a coffee pot and Little Debbie snack cakes!

Reflections on 40 Years in Business

There are many reasons to celebrate the 40th anniversary of a company. But as we reflect upon our many years in business, we find ourselves asking how we measure the success of a company: in years or in integrity? 

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from an Interactive Whiteboard

From the ubiquitous oversized paper tablets on easels to whiteboards and markers to on-screen sharing, the process of group presentations has not evolved that much over the past years. And while large screens for GoTo meetings certainly have their place, depending on purpose and group size, they are not always an adequate solution.

Customer Survey Results: The People Behind the Scores

We’re proud of our customer satisfaction surveys and our many all 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook and the Better Business Bureau—but we also recognize that we wouldn’t have that customer recognition and appreciation without the people behind our numbers: Meet the members of the ABE Imaging Tech team, always ready to ride to the rescue with parts, supplies and problem-solving expertise!

World Backup Day: a Reminder to Protect Your Business

March 31 is World Backup Day—a reminder to protect your business and “avoid becoming an April fool”.  Whether it be due to natural disaster, a hacker or simple human error, in a flash your critical business files (data, pictures, spreadsheets) and information could suddenly be lost forever. 

ABE Recognized with GreatAmerica Prestige Partner Award for 2020

While Advanced Business Equipment (ABE) has been recognized consistently over the years with the Prestige Partner Award from GreatAmerica Financial Services, a nationwide provider of commercial equipment and technology financing, receiving it for the year 2020 feels pretty epic. 

ABE Partner Konica Minolta Selected for the Leaderboard of CDP’s Supplier Engagement Rating, Promoting KM’s Commitment to Achieve Carbon Minus

We are proud to announce that CDP, an international not-for-profit organization working to achieve a sustainable economy, has selected longtime ABE partner Konica Minolta for the 2020 CDP Supplier Engagement Leaderboard in the Supplier Engagement Rating, which evaluates companies’ commitment to climate change throughout their supply chain. 


Nonprofit Shout-Out: Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry

blue ridge mountain sunset with SVCM logo

This week we shine our non-profit client spotlight on an organization that accomplishes their mission thanks to the power of community. Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry (SVCM) accomplishes all this through on-going programs and several events throughout the year, each geared to a specific purpose.