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4 Reasons to Attend Our 2018 TechExpo


If you manage or work for a non-technical business, you might think that a tech expo is irrelevant to your job or your goals – but you couldn’t be more mistaken. 

It’s always good to have options, and the time to check out new equipment options is before your current lease expires. Check out these four reasons why attending our Oct. 24 tech event could be just what your non-tech business needs.

Tech is Everywhere

Technology is everywhere, becoming more and more integrated into our professional lives. Many avenues exist to harness technology to improve manual processes, work flow, cost control, security and auditing, and can help you—and your employees—do a better job. Attending our tech event is the perfect opportunity to get a snapshot view of the latest methods, regardless of what market you work in. It's also a great way to get an idea of which technologies you might want to implement in your business, while you still have the luxury of making a relaxed, informed decision.

Tech is for Everyone

Technology affects every job in your company, from the president, the CEO—right on down to the person answering phones or filling out forms. Business professionals, entrepreneurs, geeks, sales executives, and marketers will all benefit from keeping up to date on what options will help you, and your team, work better. Do you have compliancy requirements to adhere to? How can task automation increase efficiency and save money? Join our Advanced Solutions session. Are you spending a lot to outsource printing, either wide format or production print? Sign up for our Graphic Communications session and see how cost effectively your business can produce high quality brochures, marketing pieces, architectural drawings and banners, in-house. 

Defend Your Company

Should you be worried about your website getting hijacked? What might be the advantages of outsourcing your IT? How can you be sure your servers and computers are protected 24/7? If the unthinkable happens, do you have a business continuity plan in place? Do you have questions about how a VOIP phone system can? You should definitely register for our session dedicated to IT Solutions.

Expand your Knowledge

Even if you’re not in the tech industry, you almost certainly depend on technology to get your job done. Could you be benefit from a Managed Print Solution—and what is it anyway? How can print audit track your print volumes? Our Fleet Management session covers all this, and more.

Upcoming Event

Attending our TechExpo gives you the opportunity to ask your burning questions in a relaxed atmosphere and learn more about the evolving world of technology. Best of all, you won’t have far to go—the TechExpo is  taking place at our Asheville location, on October 24. It’s one of the most cohesive tech events in Asheville, covering what’s new and important in the world of office equipment, business technology, IT support and security measures. Whether you’re interested in how tech can help you and your company stay ahead of the curve, want to build your team’s efficiency, or just want to connect with a group of knowledge-driven tech experts who stand ready to answer all your questions, our TechExpo is definitely worth your time.

As a special added value for the Small Business Western Carolina community, we’re offering demos of our equipment during the TechExpo. Bring your files on a USB key to print, and ‘take a printer for a test drive’. You can register here, and let us know the sessions and time slots you prefer.