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ABE After Hours: Painting with Sharon

woman showing artwork she created

Put a paintbrush in Sharon Singleton’s hands, and color her happy. 

Sharon, Sales Coordinator for ABE, says she’s been drawing since she was little but started painting a few years back as a pastime. And while she enjoys going to popular group painting sessions like Painting with a Twist for the company and seeing everyone’s personal interpretations of a given subject,she says, “Painting by myself is very calming for me. It helps me unwind. I get messy with paint everywhere...that’s part of the fun!” 

Sharon doesn’t really have a favorite artist she looks to for inspiration, saying, “I just enjoy art!” Her preferred medium is acrylic, and she delights in painting directly on wood pallets. Her favorite subject is flowers, because “I can easily put my own take on them.” 

Her favorite time of day to create is mid-day on Saturdays, adding, “Over the past 10 months my husband and I have been renovating our home, so it’s been hard to set aside time to paint. We’ve just finished and moved in—and I now have a larger, more airy studio space. I’m ready to get creative again!” 

Although not a night owl herself, Sharon adores owls—her favorite piece she’s ever done is an owl that she painted onto a window screen. She also enjoys painting holiday-themed work and has even painted some pottery. 

Sharon tends to hang on to the pieces she’s painted, saying she’s only gifted one piece so far. Next subject planned? “Something to celebrate our new home!”