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ABE Order Fulfillment

After inventory control specialist Judah Kelem received a shipment of new Konica Minolta bizhubs, per standard delivery procedures he carried out an inspection of the boxes and noted that one of the cardboard boxes had a hole in it. He alerted ABE Service Manager Mike Cordiale, who in turn contacted Kevin Meuse, District Service Manager for Konica Minolta in the Southeast. Kevin wasted no time in coming out to assess the damage and deemed this copier to be a total loss due to the extensive damage that happened not only to the outer shell but also to the machinery inside the access door.

ABE immediately alerted the client and ordered another MFP, special delivery, so as to fulfill the order as soon as possible. 

Accidents in transit can happen, but rest assured ABE will always be transparent and take care of you in the fairest and quickest manner possible!