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ABE Summer Internship in Session

Avery Jackson, ABE’s summer intern, is on the job. Yes, that Jackson—Avery is the daughter of owner and CEO Kevin Jackson! Over the course of the summer, Avery will be spending 200 hours assisting admin staff members with various tasks, with the goal of becoming familiar with different aspects of the family business.

As an intern, one day Avery might find herself learning about contracts and filing paperwork, the next day performing online meter reads, and the next learning still other tasks. Jackson is understandably proud to see her working onsite. "Having Avery join us this summer to learn the family business and seeing her develop different skills as she begins her journey towards college brings me great pride. It is my desire to prepare Avery with a solid foundation of business acumen prior to college, in order to give her an opportunity to pursue what she feels is best for herself long term, regardless of what career path she decides. The thought of her taking over as the third generation one day would be a dream come true—but I want it to be her dream also."

Says Contracts Coordinator Shannon Gueho, “Avery has strong organization skills and she never stops working, from the time she arrives to the time she leaves. Her willingness to dig in and rapidly get to the end of one task and move on to the next is greatly appreciated."

As for Avery, she acknowledges she feels fortunate to have the opportunity for an internship experience that gives her hands-on experience while still in high school. So far she’s learned “the importance of being able to quickly shift from one task to the next, and working in such a way that others can follow the system you use as you organize and file.”

We’ll hear more from Avery towards the end of the summer, as she completes her internship. In the meantime, we’re happy she’s part of our team!