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Choosing an Office Equipment & IT Partner

We say we’re the best at what we do—which is office technology and IT. But so do all the other companies out there. So how do you choose the right technology provider for your organization? 

Aside from the obvious need for service and support after the sale, you want to know what kind of experiences others have had with providers under consideration. This is a great time to take a look at online testimonials, both on company websites and on Google. We take all our reviews and feedback to heart, and we pride ourselves on having a great working relationship with our clients. Our reviews on GoogleFacebook and BBB—all 5 stars bar none—as well as the customer reviews on our website, give us the evidence that we’re treating our loyal customers the way they deserve, offering:

  • the best in leading-edge technology
  • the right solution for each customer’s needs
  • accountability after the sale with local support and maintenance for all our products and services

From service times to ease of request, from thoroughness to professionalism to that extra human touch, we are happy to share a few of the reviews and testimonials written by our clients relating to various aspects of their experience.

Service Response Time

“I appreciated that someone came the same day I called the problem into your service desk. This is our only fax/copier and it is very important that we keep the unit up and running. We actually print warehouse paperwork that requires 3-hole punch from this unit and when it is down, we have to redirect those jobs to a regular printer and punch the paper ourselves. Thank you for taking care of this repair so quickly!”

BWI Companies​

“We were so happy to have such a speedy response to our busy office needs! We are extremely grateful for the technician’s kindness, level of professionalism and expertise. Not to mention how quickly he responds and how quickly our printer was repaired! Thank you!!”

Starks Financial Group,Inc​


“Bruno is so extremely knowledgeable on all aspect of our printing issues. He goes out of the way to explain better ways to get the best results between our software and its relationship with our copier. Thank you so much for all of his help.”

Coreen R., Medlock & Associates Engineering, PA

“Called back same day. Mike talked the office manager step by step through what he was doing. He emailed her a few days later with videos he had made covering the same information to help for the future. Very helpful!”

Keller Williams Professionals​

Integrated Technologies

“ABE has been a trusted business partner for a number of years now. As our organization grows, ABE is there to help us find new solutions to our need for more integrated technology and support. Over the years we have increased our physical presence to 3 business locations in western North Carolina, ranging from Cherokee County to Haywood County. It's good to have a partner like ABE that is able to provide support for us no matter where it is needed. The technicians are always friendly.”

Region A Partnership for Children

Going the Extra Mile

“Mike Lewis was awesome. The problem we were having was hard to diagnose. Mike came back several times and continued to work with our I.T. rep. He was very understanding and polite, even though the staff was frustrated about the copier glitch. The problem was actually an I.T. issue and was finally found and corrected. Mike continued to follow up with me to insure there were no problems. Thank you very much Mike!”

Beverly-Hanks & Associates

“Very helpful and pleasant representative - as is my common experience with ABE. Brian was our technician and was very knowledgeable. He explained what the problem was, how it can happen, and offered ideas about what we can do to both confirm the source of the problem and if we can help with the solution. He was also proactive and brought a toner with him in case he needed it. He cleaned the machine, and even double-checked other areas that were not part of the initial concern.”

Champion Hills​

“Rather than phoning in a service request, I texted account executive extraordinaire Bob Allen after 5 PM, and he responded that he would put in the call for me first thing the next day. The next morning Brian Irish quickly took care of the issue with our networked color printer. Thanks, Bob & Brian!”

Sisters of Mercy​ Urgent Care

Long-term Clients

“Eblen has had a long and tremendous partnership with Advanced Business Equipment for nearly twenty years. Their commitment to our community is only surpassed by their commitment to the service they provide to their clients and customers. Their exemplary knowledge of their products and matching it to our needs has helped Eblen Charities not only grow but has helped us become more efficient in serving our clients. They have made our internal and external communications easy and effective. I cannot imagine Eblen Charities operating without the wonderful folks at Advanced Business Equipment.”

Eblen Charities​

“Advanced Business has been a partner of ours for many years. Fair service, quality people, are what we’ve come to expect, and they deliver just that. From our Account Exec to the Service Techs, they all understand what it means to support their customer I highly recommend.”

MB Haynes​

Fleet Care

“Best customer service in town for fleet management. Their technicians are prompt and professional. Highly recommend over anyone else in WNC.”


“Response time is always very impressive! Our technician is always kind, helpful, and efficient. I have been very impressed with our service.”

Spartanburg County School District 2-District Office​

Work from Home Assistence

“I have a home office, so the service techs who come to work on equipment are guests in our house as well. Scottie is always welcome. Totally professional, very competent. Excellent work promptly completed. I will recommend y’all to my friends and associates. Thanks!”

James L. Goldsmith Jr., Pa​


“Everyone is always professional and polite to work with. Scheduling service or ordering supplies is always seamless. The technician is always professional, polite and patient with our questions and time, and answers all my questions. Your service is always within 24 hours! The overall professionalism and patience is always extraordinary. It is greatly appreciated and helps me do my daily job better.”

Carl Shaw CPA, PLLC ​

Help Desk

“Help desk was super. The technician was very helpful and careful to explain. You have always been very responsive, and we enjoy your work and service.”

Preferred Properties Of Asheville​

“Tech was very knowledgeable and quickly helped me resolve my printing issue via logmein. Loved having confidence in his expertise making my already complex life a bit easier! Keep up the good work!”

Exit Realty Vistas​

Caring Attitude

“I had just lost my father in July and mentioned it to Chad. He mentioned him losing both his parents 26 days apart. So we shared stories and just talked. It helped tremendously being able to talk to someone that was in the same shoes as I. Chad is a good person.”

Graham County Mapping & GIS

“Your scheduler was very accommodating. Mr. Crawford had to replace a part that was cracked and he cleaned all of his materials and took them with him when he left. Mr. Crawford even locked the front door back as he left as I was still working on something … Mr. Crawford is a very helpful, conscientious person. The fact that Mr. Crawford locked the front door of the church when he left—I actually smiled to myself that Mr. Crawford was so thoughtful!”

Oakley United Methodist Church​

“He was courteous and patient with me and my lack of computer technology understanding. He walked me through the screens, and I can now print with no issues.”

Mitchell County Chamber Of Commerce

COVID Protocols

“Bruno was very courteous of our COVID procedures and was very quick and efficient. He explained what he did and took care of us with no issues. He’s amazing. Love when he visits to help out!”

Gentry Heating & Air​

Peripheral Equipment

“Our office had great communication with ABE regarding our scanner. They were very responsive to emails and follow up calls. Thank you!”

Domokur Architects​

“Bruno is so extremely knowledgeable on all aspect of our printing issues. He goes out of the way to explain better ways to get the best results between our software and its relationship with our copier. Thank you so much for all of his help.”

Medlock & Associates Engineering, PA

Overall Experience

“This was the initial install. Mike Lewis was easy to work with, communicated well, and helped me configure the printer even though our main office is 2,000 miles away from the jobsite with the copier. The technician was professional and the response time exceeded expectations. I highly recommend your business - from the initial sales team to the service/install experience. Also, Mike was one step ahead of the game reminding me I had asked for the local admin password; he provided this where I would have forgotten to ask otherwise.”

Barnard Construction Bozeman, MT​

"Mike was careful and thorough in looking for solutions and taught me a way to save a great deal of time if this problem recurs."

St. John in the Wilderness

AIS – IT Services

“I am writing to tell you of the wonderful service ProPat, LLC received from Advanced Business Equipment. Due to my experience with different IT companies at our former location, I was DREADING the installation of a new server and the installation of VPN service. What I did experience however was a professional and SMOOTH installation with a very professional installer. Thank you for your prompt and professional service.”

ProPat, LLC​

“Jeff is a rockstar. This problem could have taken weeks. Jeff had a fix in less than 48 hours. Jeff and his assistant who came for installation were unbelievably friendly and worked incredibly hard to fix this incredible screw up that happened at my office. They were kind and understanding, while getting work done. Jeff sent me multiple updates and even apologized for not getting this done earlier. Apology in no way necessary. Updates were spot on.”

Best & Best, PLLC​

Customer Surveys

We give our customers the opportunity to fill out a survey after every single service call. Do we get the occasional unsatisfied customer? It happens from time to time, but we don’t just let it fade away and hope for the best. Both our president/CEO and service manager receive and review a copy of every single survey response. If the response is less than acceptable, our service manager speaks with the customer and the service tech, and we will actively work to make it right. We count on customer feedback to refine and perfect our service.

We have hundreds of reviews on our website, written by customers who have taken the time to write on our behalf because they felt the quality and scope of services we provided were worth taking note of and sharing. These reviews show us that we're achieving the high levels of customer satisfaction we aim for.

With two locations to service in Western North Carolina and the Upstate, making sure we never sacrifice the satisfaction of our customers is extremely important to the ABE mission. Contact us today for a quote or to learn more about how we can help your office technology and IT needs.