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Coronavirus-related Scams Exploit WFH Vulnerabilities

Research by ZDNet has shown that tens of thousands of new unique coronavirus-themed domains are being created on a daily basis. Unfortunately, research also points to 90% of those webpages as being scam sites, with the most likely purpose that of distributing malware. 

More worrisome news? Ransomware has shot up anywhere from 72%-105%. Brute-force attacks are up 400%.

All of this in the wake of a pandemic that left companies scrambling for solutions on how to keep working, rapidly setting up thousands of employees to work from home offices. But what happens when you rush to spin up a ton of services almost overnight? Mistakes are made—and that translates to many remote workstations not being secure. 

We’ll make it through this—eventually—but in the meantime, you have to fight to protect your business, your data, even your job! That means making sure your network and data are secure. If you have questions or would like to schedule a technology assessment to analyze your organization’s cybersecurity measures, look no further. Contact us today—we’re here and local, and you can count on us.

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