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Cybersecurity Expert to Present Session on Cyberthreats at ABE’s TechExpo

There is a war going on. A cyberwar, to be exact, with companies big and small under attack daily. As managed IT specialists, we spend a good portion of our time fighting against the villains of the web to keep people and corporate assets safe. We believe knowledge shared is knowledge gained in this fight.

That’s why we decided to enhance our biannual TechExpo offerings with a session specific to cybersecurity and ransomware. The presentation, entitled Ransomware & Cyber Attacks: Prevent, Detect & Respond will address the factors behind the rise in cyberattacks and ransom demands, discuss the effects on organizational security and provide an overview of possible solutions.

Kevin Jackson, president and CEO of Advanced Business Equipment says, “There is a myriad of sophisticated technologies and techniques to protect critical business assets. The trick is to first understand the threat landscape and the risks to your business before making decisions.” 

Presentor Dan Schmidt, Certified Cybersecurity Architect, Certified HIPAA Professional

Adds Philip Harrison, head of ABE’s managed IT division, “The new session will be taught by Dan Schmidt, a Certified Cybersecurity Architect, Certified HIPAA Professional and an expert in Workflow Analysis and Assessment. Dan brings a wealth of experience to the table as well as an engaging presentation, and we are confident attendees will learn valuable information.”

Dan has been an active participant in the Security Industry for over 10 years at industry leader Konica Minolta/All Covered. He is continually researching vulnerabilities, utilizing the industry’s leading portfolio of HIPAA compliant hardware, software and services to provide healthcare facilities with new abilities to protect PHI, improve workflow, and better focus on patient care.

Although he works primarily with healthcare companies and physicians, Dan states that his research can be applied pretty much across the board to all business sectors. “Much of my job focuses on cyberthreats as hackers do not discriminate as to what type of businesses to attack. Unfortunately, there is a thriving market for stolen identities and confidential company information.”

At ABE’s TechExpo cybersecurity session, you’ll gain an understanding of today’s dynamic threat landscape and the emerging challenges within cybersecurity. Get a look at what is on the horizon and discover how to proactively help your organization prepare for what’s next—and in so doing, protect your assets, and even your job.

Session at a Glance

  • Understand the Threats Cyber Attacks Pose to Your Small Business
  • Ransom: Should You Pay?
  • Assess & Mitigate Your Risks
  • Educate Your Employees
  • End-to-End Protection Strategies
Registration for our TechExpo is open. Other available sessions include Getting the Most from Your MFP, Managed IT and VoIP Solutions, and Specialty Printing. Sign up for the sessions of interest to you.
March 19 - 9 am-4 pm
Catered lunch included - RSVP required