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Getting the Most from Your MFP

Whether you’ve had an MFP in your office for several years or it’s still shiny and new, you may not be aware of the many ways to harness this powerhouse. Maximize office productivity & efficiency by taking full advantage of the many features offered by your MFP.

Document Management

There’s no getting around the creation of documents in day-to-day operations of just about any business or practice. The real challenge is in managing all of those documents. A document management solution greatly reduces the hours a day your staff spends shuffling and sorting documents by offering the means to digitize manual processes by converting paper documents into electronic form, thus automating the processing, storage, and retrieval of documents, content, emails and data.

Your MFP serves as an integral part of your document management solution. It is the entry point to converting paper documents to a digital format and to route, store, manage and archive unstructured (paper) data securely. 

Features like cloud storage, card copy, and scan-to-file can cut thousands of hours from your budget. This frees up employees for other tasks, increasing their efficiency. Our upcoming TechExpo is a great opportunity to learn how to use your MFP for document management.


Your MFP, when used in conjunction with follow-me-printing, protects critical information and diminishes the risk of fines for non-compliancy. 

Reports and Budgeting

How can you target a budget when you don’t know exactly what each department is spending? Centralized print management through your MFP helps you impact the budget in several ways. Rules-based printing allows you to set up rules that give permissions to who can print, what kind of printing they are allowed (B/W, color), and even one-sided or two-sided printing.

  • If the budget threshold is hit, an alert goes out. 
  • MFPs give you the ability to budget the copies being printed by each department, as well as individual users. 
  • Monitoring your MFP through customizable reports allows you to save money on toner and paper.
  • These reports give you audit abilities. 

On-the-go printing

Get easy access to files to print documents via cloud, USB or email, or via mobile apps to print on the go.


Direct Mail is still one of the most effective marketing tactics when done in conjunction with a comprehensive marketing plan. With the addition of a variety of inline finishing capabilities, MFPs can not only increase the productivity and efficiency of your workers, but they can also be used to create vibrant marketing materials such as brochures, postcards, annual reports, products & services catalogs, calendars, training materials, case studies, and more. 

Your office MFP is one of the most important pieces of equipment inside your office workspace. Learn to squeeze out every possible benefit from it—you can reach us at 828.210.4308 or email