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Have You Seen Konica Minolta's i-Series?

You want to keep your office environment connected and your workflow efficient, all while maintaining state-of-the-art data security. Have you seen how easy and intuitive it is to use the MFP multifunction printers from Konica Minolta's i-Series line? Revolutionizing smart MFP technology, the line includes multiple next-generation technologies, including solid-state storage, a new code base, firmware and integrated cloud services. 

The line currently consists of 16 devices, from compact models with a smaller footprint to floor models, including a range of low-, medium- to high-volume devices, available in monochrome and color options. 


Konica Minolta's i-Series offers unbeatable ease of use:

  • A 10-inch control panel that offers a smartphone-style experience? Check.
  • An intuitive set-up that minimizes operating steps and reduces the need to touch, all while finding and performing the functions you want? Check.
  • Multi-function connected devices, allowing you to print, copy, scan, fax? Check.
  • Seamless software integration with useful apps included, and many more available on the Konica Minolta Marketplace? Check.


Concerns about the security of network-connected devices are on the rise. For many customers, device security represents as much as 50% of their purchasing decision. All devices in the i-Series utilize a solid-state drive (SSD) for an enhanced encryption algorithm that eliminates issues associated with magnetic storage devices and complies with NSA standards. And just as they had in the past for previous models, after rigorous internal cybersecurity tests to protect their systems and ensure they meet PCI, HIPAA, FERPA and GDPR regulations, KM invested in an extra layer of threat protection by engaging an independent cybersecurity consulting firm to test and validate the safety of all of the i-Series, thus ensuring compliance with the highest data privacy and end-point security standards. 

To date, a Konica Minolta product has never been hacked.


The entire bizhub i-Series line seamlessly blends operability and high-quality performance, offering next-generation security and flawless connectivity. For information about how an i-Series device can positively impact your organization's workflow and productivity, drop us a line