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How to Mitigate COVID-19 Transmission Risks with Touchless Technology

How many times a day would you say that you and your coworkers touch the MFP / copier/printer? 3 times a day? 5? If you share your printer with just 5-7 other people, each using it just 3 times a day, that’s 15 – 35 touches a day! In today’s COVID-everything world, these numbers are cause for concern.

Unfortunately, not every business is sustainable through teleworking. And not everyone has the luxury of waiting out a pandemic that shows no signs of ending soon. 

So, we show up to work, wash our hands, wear a mask—and hope for the best. Of course, we can always sanitize the copier. But there'is another, more powerful—yet simple—measure in your fight to protect yourself, your coworkers and indeed your business, from COVID-19: touchless operation of your MFP printer-copier.

Here’s a wrap-up of several methods that can enable you to make the copier a contactless device, in turn eliminating the need for employees to use their hands to operate it. 


Konica Minolta offers 2 apps designed to help office workers capture and process documents in a more fluid and flexible way while on the move.

  1. With the Konica Minolta PageScope Mobile app for iPhone/iPad, Android or Windows, all bizhub operations from logging in (user authentication) to scanning and printing can be performed smoothly through mobile

  • Print & scan without PC
  • Print & scan from one app
  • No printer driver required
  1. The same holds true for Konica Minolta Mobile Print, a smart, easy to use mobile app that wirelessly connects your mobile device to your Konica Minolta MFP. It enables you to print files or images quickly and easily, as well as send scanned images from your printer to your mobile device.

These apps allow you to quickly and easily print documents or images that have been saved in the cloud directly to your Konica Minolta MFP and save the data in the cloud for sharing with others, all while keeping your confidential documents safe and protected with Konica Minolta authentication printing and security controls.

Both apps can access documents from cloud storage including Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud.

Where to get them: Free mobile apps available in the App Store for Apple and the Google Play Store for Android and Windows

Canon MFPs

Canon offers the PRINT Business App, which allows users to easily utilize the normal functions of their devices including print, scan and sending when used on imageRUNNER ADVANCE and imageRUNNER. Users can not only print and scan from their mobile devices, but they can also access documents from cloud storage including Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud. 

Where to get it: Free mobile app available in the App Store for Apple and the Google Play Store for Android


If your organization is set up to use a contactless card for access and print release, you can set up account coding for account identification. Then when you want to print, simply show the card to authenticate and your document will print automatically

Where to get it: Contact the tech support team for your MFP. If you are an ABE customer, access the Client Login or call the Help Desk to start a Help Ticket at 800-627-1556.


For Konica Minolta’s iSeries, voice controls enhance access and operation ease where users can handle copy and scan tasks without even touching the device. 

Alexa and Google are both available for downloads for the Canon Cloud-based Connectors.


Konica Minolta’s Control Panel can be operated remotely from a computer on the network through the following methods:

  • Included dedicated software: Configure the settings for operating the Control Panel of this machine from a computer on the network using a dedicated software program. In the administrator mode, select [Network] - [Remote Panel Settings] - [Remote Panel Client Settings], then configure the settings.

  • Accessing the machine directly: Configure the settings for accessing this machine directly from another computer on the network and operating the Control Panel of the machine using a Web browser.

Canon’s Remote Operations Viewer, available for download for your Windows PC from the Canon website. After installation, you configure the software with an IP address or domain name of the device you want to operate. A display of the copier's front panel then appears on your computer screen, allowing you to utilize all of the functionality without having to touch the device's touchscreen or buttons.


PapercutMF is a powerful component of managed print services—but did you know that it also offers several a variety of options for contactless printing?

  • Swipe card: If you already have a card reader either built-into or externally attached to your printer, these can be used to facilitate user authentication on the device. To create a touch-free printing experience just enable the ‘automatically release jobs upon login’ option on these PaperCut Devices via the Admin web interface of PaperCut MF.

  •  Fast Release Terminals: Similar in use to the swipe-card option, Fast Release Terminals are normally used when a printer is not capable of having the PaperCut Embedded Application installed directly on it. They are attached to the printer to provide an authentication step through the use of a swipe card. It’s possible to use them on any type of printer. 

  • Mobile Print Release is a feature allowing users to release their held print jobs from their mobile phones while standing at a printer. In addition, by attaching a QR code sticker to your device, your users can scan it with their phone, prompting the QR code to automatically launch the Mobile Print Release app and associate it with the physical printer where the user is standing. The user then decides which print jobs to print and which to delete.

  • User web interface print release: Accessed with your PaperCut credentials, this method works through a web page on your network, allowing users to view, delete and print their own held print jobs, as well as select which printer they want the job to be released to.

  • Release Station: A simple solution made up of a computer situated near a physical printer and not used for any other purpose, providing visibility, control and release of held print jobs to that physical printer.

Touchless technology can go a long way towards helping you and your organization stay healthy. Take advantage of one of the available methods to go touchless.

Questions about configuring contactless printing for your organizationWe’d love to help. Email, or call 828.210.4309