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Non-Profit Client Spotlight: Delta House Life Development of Asheville

The year is 1983: Shirley Whitesides and fellow Delta Sigma Theta Sorority members pool their savings to buy a house, realizing their dream of providing a safe learning environment to those in need. 

Fast forward to today, where Delta House Life Development of Asheville Inc. is a thriving partnership between local schools, families and communities, all working together to provide a safe, stable and secure environment that promotes respect, positive self-esteem, academic achievement and communication.

With the goal of empowering students to become confident, responsible and caring citizens, their LEAAP for Success after-school programs include a wide range of activities and services focusing on the arts, cultural heritage, academic achievement, health and wellness, and social equity. Teachers and tutors provide support in reading, math, and homework help, while their Alcohol and Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention aims for early intervention and education.

We are proud to partner with local non-profits, contributing to the success of their goals through the right technology for their needs, whether it be office equipment such as MFPs and VoIP phone systems, or IT services and equipment like servers, cloud storage, or security solutions.