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Non-Profit Client Spotlight: Our VOICE

Today’s client feature shines a spotlight on a critically important organization in Asheville: Our VOICE, a non-profit crisis intervention and prevention agency serving victims of sexual violence, age 13 through adult, in Buncombe County. Founded in 1974 as an all-volunteer, grassroots organization, the agency received 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit agency in 1983. 

Designed to reach the diverse communities throughout Buncombe County, Our VOICE offers the services of advocates who assist in receiving help from medical, legal and social service systems. These advocates are trained to ensure your rights are respected and your needs are met.

Through Our VOICE, any resident of Buncombe County aged 13 and up can have access to counseling services vital for healing from an experience of sexual violence—regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, socio-economic status, religion, immigration status or sexual identity.

Our VOICE offers 3 innovative programs geared towards their mission “to inspire hope and healing while ending sexual violence and human trafficking through education, counseling, and advocacy:

  • School prevention programs at no cost to middle grades, high schools, and college youth on consent, boundary setting, online safety, and bystander intervention techniques
  • Community programs providing training to businesses and groups, empowering community members to become better advocates for public safety at all levels
  • Support groups uniting individuals who are dealing with the after-effects of sexual violence, with a focus on coping skills and strategies for everyday life, encouraging each other and sharing strategies for healthy living

While office hours are 9-5, Monday-Friday, the 24-Hour Crisis Hotline is always open, (828) 225-7576.