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Non-profit Client of the Week: American Leprosy Missions

Our non-profit client of the week is American Leprosy Missions in Greenville, SC. Founded in 1906 by missionaries, this program serves Christ through curing and caring for those with leprosy and Buruli ulcer. Since their beginnings, American Leprosy Missions has ministered to four million people in 42 countries around the world, striving to end this disease once and for all.

American Leprosy Missions works in some of the world’s poorest places to bring healing and hope to some of the world’s most marginalized people. They send shipments of medicines and supplies into poverty zones so people with leprosy and related diseases can receive treatment and care. In 2018 they shipped 123,039 treatments of critical medicines and medical supplies to the Central African Republic and Ghana!

American Leprosy Missions staff consists of consultants to the World Health Organization and award-winning doctors. The healthcare workers travel by jeep, foot, bike, or boat to different villages in hope of helping people affected by these painful sicknesses. Also, they visit churches and schools to spread the word that these diseases are curable. The core of funding comes from donations of more than 30,000 generous donors. 

American Leprosy Missions also provides special footwear to people whose feet have been permanently disabled by the crippling effects of leprosy. In 2018, thanks to donor support, 3,679 pairs of special footwear were distributed.

Through helping individuals to be healed spiritually and physically and restored to lives of hope, American Leprosy Missions works to carry out their mission of “serving as a channel of Christ’s love to people affected by leprosy.”