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Non-Profit Client of the Week: Black Mountain Academy

This week we’d like to draw your attention to one of our amazing non-profit clients, Black Mountain Academy (BMA). Located in Black Mountain, North Carolina, this nurturing, relationship-based therapeutic boarding school specializes in supporting adolescent males in grades 9th-12th who struggle with social skills, emotional regulation, processing speed delays, and finding success in more traditional academic environments. Most of their students have an average to an above average IQ and are cognitively intelligent but often lack the functional skills to manage day-to-day tasks, and have been diagnosed with some type of neurodevelopmental concern, such as autism spectrum disorder, level 1 (sometimes referred to as “high functioning autism” or “Aspergers”); Social-Pragmatic Communication Disorder; Executive Functioning Disorder; ADHD; anxiety and depression. 

BMA focuses on six core competencies (academics, wellness, social relationships, independent livings skills, executive functioning, and emotional regulation), with the goal of creating an environment in which each student develops the skills and self-efficacy necessary to thrive in the modern world.

This means BMA strives to help students connect academic learning to larger, global issues. To that end, on Fridays their students engage in off-campus learning experiences. They recently visited the local water treatment plant where students learned about coagulation, flocculation, and filtration. In addition to seeing how much labor is involved in that water that comes out of the tap, they discussed how our everyday choices impact the global water supply.

BMA recognizes that among their talented and creative students are the future engineers and scientists who will solve many of the environmental issues facing our world today. We applaud their work, and are proud to be their trusted community business partner!