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Non-Profit Client of the Week: Children & Family Resource Center


This week we shine our non-profit client spotlight on the Children & Family Resource Center (CFRC) in Henderson County, NC. Created in 1998 to address the barriers preventing families from accessing local services, just one year later this organization merged three non-profit agencies to strengthen their mission of improving children's lives through parent education, quality childcare resources, and leadership on children's issues throughout the community. 

Now twenty years strong, CFRC continues to create positive, nurturing relationships between child and parents, breaking the chains of negative behaviors and parenting techniques. They offer training and technical assistance for childcare providers, parent education and support, and scholarship programs for single parents, allowing them to continue their education at a post-secondary level.

The CFRC directly touch the lives of nearly 2,500 Henderson County residents a year through programs and services and, indirectly, 3,000 children through early childhood professionals. ABE is proud to be their selected business partner!