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One Buncombe Fund: A Local, Worthy Cause

Rachael Nygaard Strategic Partnerships Director OneBuncombe Fund receives donation check from Advanced Business Equipment

Want to start your day with an instant pick-me-up? Try donating to a local nonprofit! ABE marketing coordinator Brenda Cooke confirms it’s a real mood booster. She recently went to the offices of One Buncombe Fund to donate, as promised, a check on behalf of ABE representing the following: $100 won in a contest sponsored by vendor Konica Minolta, $100 in matching funds requested by ABE from Konica Minolta’s community giving program, and $100 in matching funds from ABE. 

Rachael Nygaard, Strategic Partnerships Director of the OneBuncombe Fund, welcomes the donation. “While we’re definitely rounding the corner as far as opening back up, there are still so many businesses hurting in Buncombe County. All funds donated will go to support local businesses. We are grateful for the community support we continue to receive.”

Cooke points out, “We have a lot of nonprofit clients at ABE. Aside from a business partnership where we help them choose the best equipment and technology for their needs and budget, we also promote their work through a coordinated, revolving spotlight program, consisting of a blog post, social sharing, street signage, and now an ad on a digital billboard.”

“So far we’ve highlighted the work of 23 nonprofit clients, “says Cooke with a smile. “We have so many, it’s going to take us a while to get through all of them.”

If you or your organization would like to donate to One Buncombe Fund for local support to businesses impacted by the pandemic, contact Rachael Nygaard. She'd love to hear from you!