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OneScreen GoSafe on NBC News


University of San Diego students, faculty and staff are getting used to the new normal of masks and temperature checks when they go back to school. Watch this video and see how the use of OneScreen GoSafe is helping everyone at USD to safely return to their normal school routines, despite COVID-19.

More Than Just a Scanner

OneScreen GoSafe is body temperature and facial scanner with on-board AI, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology. The One Screen GoSafe can be programmed for mask verification, integration with automatic doors, integration with workforce management applications and controlling connected network devices through a customized control panel. You'll find OneScreen GoSafe utilized in the fight against COVID  at schools, universities, government offices, local businesses and transit stations all around the world.

The FDA has approved the use of a thermal scanning device for initial triage for businesses, organizations and educational facilities looking for options to re-open safely while providing enhanced safety and accountability methods for COVID-19. 

For more information about the GoSafe or to schedule a free demo, email or call 828.210.4330.