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Reflections on 40 Years in Business

There are many reasons to celebrate the 40th anniversary of a company. But as we reflect upon our many years in business, we find ourselves asking how we measure the success of a company: in years or in integrity? 

ABE began under Harry Jackson, father to current president/CEO Kevin Jackson, in 1981 with four employees working in just over 3,000 square feet of office/warehouse space and a strong desire to grow and become an integral part of the WNC community.

Forty years and a second-generation at the helm later, here we are in a two-story, 18-thousand square foot facility on Sweeten Creek Road with the addition of an IT services division, a local help desk, a second office serving the Upstate in Greenville, SC, and just under 50 employees.

Says Kevin Jackson, "I celebrate our longevity for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it shows we’ve continued to adapt, improve and expand with the changes brought about by time and technology. It's proof that we have successfully and consistently served our clients well."

Celebrating while still feeling the after-effects of the pandemic feels even more critical. Before the pandemic hit, we were in deep discussion about how we would kick off a celebration of our 40 years. Clearly, as a company, these plans are on hold as we evaluate how best to celebrate.

Continues Jackson, "As a business owner, my heart goes out to all those companies that were forced to close due to the pandemic, leaving many without income. As an active community member, I am deeply saddened at how many non-profit organizations had to close their doors, unable to continue providing important services to those who counted on them. As a business, we continue to support our clients with personalized customer service, expertise and professionalism. We also support our non-profit customers by helping to expand awareness of their missions through blogs, social media and digital billboards."

Much has changed. But not everything—we still want to honor the good, staying true to our 40-year mission to be responsible community members and to help our communities grow and thrive.

When we celebrate not only the number of years in business, but also the why we are in business, we celebrate every year—with integrity.