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Solution to Zero-Day Windows Update Bug (i.e., No Internet)

If you or someone you know is running Windows 7 and you utilized the Zero-Day Windows Update that came out on Patch Tuesday, May 8th, you probably ran into the same problem as many others…no network access. Our AIS team offers the following solution.

Problem: Windows  – No Internet After Windows Update

Cause: A Zero-Day Windows Update has removed the network card driver, preventing network access

Fix: See steps below

  1. Open Device Manager by clicking on the Windows Start button and typing Device Manager
  2. Locate the item called Ethernet Controller with the yellow warning label:

  3. Right-click Ethernet Controller and select Update Driver

  4. Select the option Browse my computer for driver software

  5. Click on Browse…

  6. Find and select This PC or My Computer, then locate the folder C:\drivers

  7. Click OK then Next.

  8. Once the driver installs, network connectivity should be restored within a minute or two.

  9. If your workstation does not have a folder called Drivers under the C: drive, a technician will need to be onsite to manually install the driver for you.

Alternatively, at Step 2, you could do the following:

  1. Instead of searching for C:\Drivers, you could put in C:\  and also select “Include subfolders”.
    This is because some computers like Lenovo brand use C:\SWTOOLS instead.  Using C:\ looks everywhere. It can take a little longer—but works. 

  1. Proceed as above in Step 3.