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TechTip: How to Safely Get Rid of a Copier

illustration of a woman at copier with cyberthreat graphic overlay

So, your new multifunction printer (MFP) is scheduled for delivery, and the old one will be whisked away. Not so fast though—do you know if the data on the old device’s hard drive will be erased? 

A networked office copier is a digital device, and as such, just like your computer, it retains documents that have passed through it in its memory and in the hard drive. What information could be captured from your device? Customer information like addresses? Emails or HIPAA-protected documents? Payment information?

Before your organization retires office equipment, be sure someone is responsible for getting the hard drive digitally wiped, shredded or removed, and the cache wiped. 

  • If you've leased the equipment, discuss the step with your leasing company to be sure it gets done
  • If you plan on donating or selling the equipment, be sure your IT team knows to wipe all data from the machine before it leaves the premises
  • Some companies offer hard drive shredding for a fee

It’s a simple but necessary step to keep your office safe and secure. And if you’re thinking that your business or organization is too small to be a target for hackers, think again – a shocking 62% of cyber breach victims are SMBs.

At ABE, we help our customers alleviate these challenges. We can wipe the hard drive for a nominal fee before sending the device elsewhere. 

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