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Training Tuesday: Body Temperature, Mask Detection & Facial Recognition Scanner

man giving demo of body temperature scanner; employees using scanner

ABE staff recently divided up into small groups for training on the One Screen GoSafe Body Temperature Scanner Touchless Kiosk. Paul Duvernay, from ABE’s IT division, led the training with an overview of how the system works. Staff then tried out the kiosk to see the different scan outcomes when scanning for temperature, mask presence and facial recognition.

Temperature Checks: FDA-approved as the First Line of Defense

“I am committed to protecting our staff, as well as all visitors to Advanced Business Equipment,” states Kevin Jackson, President and CEO. “We not only sell the GoSafe, but we have also chosen to utilize it on our own premises every day to scan the temperature of anyone who enters the building.”

Although not perfect, temperature checks are the first line of defense for businesses looking for ways to safely bring employees back to work and customers back to establishments. Because fever is often the first symptom of the virus, the FDA recently approved the use of a thermal scanning device for initial triage for businesses looking to re-open safely while providing enhanced safety and accountability methods for COVID-19. 

Safely and Conveniently Screen Guests, Patients, Customers and Employees

“Our clients are looking for a solution that will allow them to get back to work while at the same time protect employees and visitors,” says Jackson. “A temperature detection solution allows businesses to safely and conveniently screen guests, patients, customers and employees, preventing people with elevated temperature or no mask from entering offices, schools, hospitals and public facilities. It can be an integral part of the fight against the spread of Covid-19." 

After the training, HR Manager Amber Fisher notes, “Our employees appreciate the additional steps the company has taken, beyond the extra cleaning and sanitizing. The new thermal scanner takes so much worry and question out of the picture. We have a great team here at ABE and bringing this new technology to our facilities is one more step we can provide in our ongoing efforts to ensure their health and safety.”

For information about the thermal scanner or to request a demo, call Brenda at 828.210.4330.