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What's the best copier? We’ve got the ironclad answer.

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What is the “best” copier? Our non-branded answer might surprise you: Whichever copier or printer best fulfills your business needs.

Our upcoming TechExpo is the perfect proving ground to discover which machine does exactly what you need. Come armed with answers to the following questions, and together we can whittle down the choices to the single best copier for your needs.


How much do you print? Do you need a workhorse that can print all day, every day? Sporadically throughout the workday, or somewhere in between? Be sure to include an estimate for copies and incoming faxes to the total number of pages you'll print.


Are you good with B&W, or will you be doing a significant amount in color as well? Do you print mostly text, text and graphics, or also photos? Will you be doing specialty printing such as large page sizes, or need more media choices?


Do you have clients—or a supervisor—breathing down your neck and need those prints NOW, or can you afford to breathe in between print jobs? Quality notwithstanding, print speed is a big factor in equipment price. Print speed can vary from 25 to 105 pages per minute, and price will vary accordingly.


What are the additional features you might need, aside from printing? Will yoube scanning? Simplex or duplex?  Do you frequently need to fax or email scanned / copied documents? If so, is it important for you to be able to scan and fax or scan and email, all in one step? There’s no point in spending for a multifunction machine if you don’t need the extra functions. But if you do, there would generally be a cost savings in purchasing one device that performs multiple functions.

Finishing Features

How often do you staple, saddle stitch, or fold your printed documents? Are you fine continuing to do so by hand, or do you print so much that you need an optional finisher?


How much office space do you have available for a printer? Would a desktop MFP be enough to meet your needs? Or do you need the extra capacity of an MFP with extra paper cabinets? This is also closely related to quantity: will standard paper trays suffice? Or will your workload flow better if you had an MFP with a high capacity document feeder, and more media possibilities? 

Security & Compliancy

Does your company handle sensitive information related to HIPAA or PII? If so, you’ll want a machine with controlled access through PIN numbers or passwords. 

Print Flexibility

Do you have employees with company-provided mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, who work in the field? Do you use cloud-based services like Dropbox or Google Apps? Do you need to access files and applications from mobile devices? If so, consider a printer with built in app flexibility and print-from-mobile capabilities. 

The array of options and accessories available when It’s time to choose a multifunction printer can be overwhelming. Cut through the noise at our TechExpo: Bring a list of your needs, and a few files to print on a USB key, and discover which copier is the best for your business. Register now!