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Why Do You Need Managed Print Services?

When you set up your budget, do you have a dependable estimate for how much you will spend on printing, including toner and paper? Be a workplace hero, with Managed Print Solutions (MPS) from ABE. You’ll be empowered to deliver measurable business results, with solutions to better predict costs, increase uptime, and enhance security. Sound good? Read on.

If you don’t have a clear picture of who is printing how much, and to which printer in your fleet, how can you establish a predictable monthly budget for printing? Every ounce of toner and every sheet of paper that we use has a cost associated with it. Print jobs can sneak up and take your budget by complete surprise. If you’re ready to take charge of cost, print tracking solutions will be of immediate benefit. With MPS, our primary goal is to help you take your variable print budget and create one monthly fixed-cost that maximizes savings, while enhancing information security and audit.

How Do We Determine Personalized Print Tracking Solutions?

Print tracking solutions are based on device information and predictive analytics. Adopting an MPS strategy typically follows the following process:

  • Evaluation of the entire print fleet of office equipment, i.e., starting with a complete list of copiers and printers
  • Number of copies/prints over the last 12 months for each machine you currently have, categorized by B/W or color
  • Staff usage of each device, and cost of associated printing
  • Cost of printing by Department

We make recommendations on improvements to save money and time, as well as to increase quality and security. Recommendations typically include a combination of the following:

  • Redeployment of some existing devices
  • Replacement of inefficient printers with more efficient network models, with a lower unit total cost of operation
  • Deployment of multifunction system(s) such as Konica Minolta & Canon (best efficiency option), where needed, with print release solutions to enhance security and compliance

How Will Managed Print Services Benefit My Business Processes?

Once ABE’s MPS solution is implemented, all printers and MFPs will be synced to an integrated ePortal for your printer fleet. Administration of your fleet will be a breeze, with built-in device auditing & automation for:

  • Automatic Meter Reads
  • Automatic Supply Replenishment (toner, drums, etc.)
  • Device Notifications
  • Automation of reports for department or per user printing
  • Detailed print job reporting
  • Improved security – this includes enforcing user authentication before print jobs are released, tracking user activity
  • Environmental benefits – including lower paper usage, lower electrical consumption and recycling of toner cartridges

We offer customized maintenance options, from service only to all-inclusive, including consumables (thus eliminating the threat of toner pirates!).

Your IT staff will thank you because you will have reduced the IT workload, by reducing IT resources being used for print-related issues. Staff will thank you for our quick-response Help Desk and fast onsite service, as well as that consolidated invoice. Your executive management will thank you for providing clarity on, and reigning in, print costs.

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