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Is Your MFP Secure, and Why Should You Care?

Your office copier has been more than ‘just a printer’ for quite a while now. Printers now play an integral role in corporate networks and business systems, are unified with email systems, and are given Local Area Network (LAN) authentication. 

When talking about printer security, the most obvious place to start is at the device itself. How do you know if your printer or copier is secure? What measures are in place to make sure your information is not being hacked? These questions must be addressed from a user point of view as well as from the device itself. Most MFPs feature a comprehensive range of security features and options, giving you a powerful base on which to build professional solutions to both detect and prevent security violations which could ultimately damage your organization, either financially and/or reputationally.

diagram of MFP and possible security breaches

Employee Education & Training

Security leaks don’t always come from outside the company, and a policy is only effective if the employees involved are scrupulous about following it. Be sure to thoroughly educate your employees on compliance rules. Then, set up your MFP with password accounts and ‘follow me printing’ to mitigate the risk of the wrong person picking up a printed sheet with confidential information on it, as well as managing who has control and access to the MFP. 

Audit Device Records

Your MFP will log every action performed on its machine. Configure your MFP so that these activity logs are automatically sent to your IT team at a preselected interval, for example, once a month. In this way, you can spot unauthorized activities such as printing after business hours or unapproved scanning. 

Encryption & Overwriting

Most MFPs are able to encrypt all the information that’s stored on its hard drive, making a hard drive of little value should it be taken. You can also set up the MFP to regularly conduct automatic overwriting of the data on your MFP, thus essentially erasing all stored information. 

Network Security

Be assiduous about protecting all the devices on your network with updated anti-malware and anti-virus protection, even older devices within your network. When a connected device is compromised, it can create an entryway for hackers to the MFP—as well as other devices on the network. 

As you can see, print security requires an approach that includes policy and technology. With the cost of a single data breach easily reaching millions, organizations must proactively embrace the challenge of technology and security for every connected device, ensuring that corporate and customer data is protected.

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