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Is Your MFP Vulnerable to "The Hacker"?

Should you be worried about the security of your network-connected devices? In a word, yes.  

From stored files to emails addresses to scanned documents, your MFP has access to a wealth of private, protected information that, if hacked, could lead to serious consequences for your organization and clients, from forced shutdown and lost productivity, to ransomware, to heavy penalties for non-compliance to industry regulations.

Konica Minolta partnered with NTT DATA and NTT Security for penetration testing on its bizhub i-Series multifunction printers to assure customers that the devices are fully protected from external threats. 

More than 80 hours of simulated attacks failed to extract or compromise data, with the MFPs maintaining the privacy and integrity of all stored information.

These devices exceed industry standards for cybersecurity compliance. In fact, to date, a bizhub has never been hacked. Doesn't your organization deserve security today, and stability tomorrow?