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Choosing an Office Equipment & IT Partner

We say we’re the best at what we do—which is office technology and IT. But so do all the other companies out there. So how do you choose the right technology provider for your organization? 

This is a great time to take a look at online testimonials, both on company websites and on Google. Our reviews on GoogleFacebook and BBB—all 5 stars bar none—give us the evidence that we’re treating our loyal customers the way they deserve, as do the customer reviews on our website.

Small Business Shoutout Challenge: Be a Part of the Domino Effect

Join us in the #SmallBusinessShoutoutChallenge and celebrate small businesses and, above all, the people who give their all to help their communities thrive. 

Beware the China Domain Name Registration Scam

screenshot of email received

First reported in 2010, the ‘China domain name registration email scam’ has never entirely gone away. Now it’s rearing its ugly head again. We recently received the email you see below. This scam is so well known, there’s even a Wikipedia page on it, so don’t fall for it.

What are Double Extortion Demands?

red email icon with phishing hook through it

Ransomware operators are now frequently operating with a one-two punch: through the so-called trend of "big game hunting", once they have infiltrated a network, they move laterally through it with the aim of gaining as many access points as possible, maximizing the percentage of the environment under their control. After having operationally impacted a large percentage of server-side infrastructure, that's when they deploy the ransomware message. 

Is Your MFP Vulnerable to "The Hacker"?

movie thumbnail showing lone man walking from the back

Should you be worried about the security of your network-connected devices? In a word, yes.  

ABE Backpack Drive for United Way

backpack filled with school supplies

ABE is excited to participate again in the school supplies drive organized by the United Way of Asheville & Buncombe County, supporting local students to ensure they're prepared to enter the classroom in August. 

Have You Seen Konica Minolta's i-Series?

video preview showing i-Series line of MFP devices from Konica Minolta

Have you seen how easy and intuitive it is to use the MFP multifunction printers from Konica Minolta's i-Series line? Revolutionizing smart MFP technology, the line includes multiple next-generation technologies, including solid-state storage, a new code base, firmware and integrated cloud services. Check out the video!

One Buncombe Fund: A Local, Worthy Cause

Rachael Nygaard Strategic Partnerships Director OneBuncombe Fund receives check from Advanced Business Equipment

Want to start your day with an instant pick-me-up? Try donating to a local nonprofit! ABE marketing coordinator Brenda Cooke confirms it’s a real mood booster. She recently went to the offices of One Buncombe Fund to donate, as promised, a check on behalf of ABE representing the following: $100 won in a contest sponsored by vendor Konica Minolta, $100 in matching funds requested by ABE from Konica Minolta’s community giving program, and $100 in matching funds from ABE. 

Non-Profit Spotlight: Hendersonville Rescue Mission

3 photos of volunteers helping guests at Hendersonville Rescue Mission

For forty years, HRM has remained unwavering in its mission to help men and women who are going through a tough spot in life, with the ultimate goal of giving them the tools needed to bring about lasting change and to better their lives. Read about their amazing beginnings, with a coffee pot and Little Debbie snack cakes!

Reflections on 40 Years in Business

photo Kevin Jackson, owner; photo of ABE facilities on Sweeten Creek, newspaper photo of founder

There are many reasons to celebrate the 40th anniversary of a company. But as we reflect upon our many years in business, we find ourselves asking how we measure the success of a company: in years or in integrity?