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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Vector illustration of paperless office and document management with hands, a tablet and virtual documents

What is ECM?

Simply put, ECM is a framework of automated digital document management: the collection, storage, management, organization, and distribution of documents and files so that they are available to the appropriate people and processes across your systems.

Simplify Document Management 

The amount of data that businesses manage is increasing exponentially, right along with the complexity of regulations—with failure to comply with those ever-evolving policies leading to costly fines and lawsuits. Manual processing of documents is too slow and error-prone, while legacy systems are based on outdated technology, frequently no longer receiving support and maintenance. 

It's time to update and simplify document management. You'll find enhanced office productivity with paperless document management solutions that integrate seamlessly with Multifunction Printers (MFPs) and scanners, enabling you to reduce time, effort and cost by standardizing and automating your processes. Store all your paper data in a digital database where documents are easy to view, search, index, categorize, and backup.

Your digital document management system should allow for at least a good portion of the features listed below. 

Benefits of a Document Management System

  • Take documents from hardcopy to digital format
  • Index and store documents in a centralized database
  • Easy to use file structure
  • Cloud document management
  • Powerful OCR search features
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance
  • Better Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • User security features
  • Increase data security
  • Business continuity for all your documents
  • Automated document lifecycle management
  • Audit ready: documented audit history of access by user

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