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Scanners are an essential part of your document management strategy allowing you to waste less paper, share documents electronically, and stay organized with easily retrievable digital files. Duplex scanning in one pass from business card size to 11x17 mixed originals makes converting paper to electronic files a breeze. Other benefits of scanning include:

  • Automated document management recognition, indexing and filing.
  • Automated document processing of single or batch-scanned documents, batch splitting and indexing of mixed document types.
  • Document-centric and process-centric workflows.
  • Instant retrieval of electronic documents-Microsoft Office one-button integration.
  • Instant access to all of your documents-access documents from Windows, Mac or Linux OS.
  • Significantly and quickly improve document processing.
  • Easily automate complex and manual document workflows.
  • Search and retrieve both locally and over the web.
  • Full page OCR-including the creation of searchable PDF’s.
  • Barcode recognition.
  • Secure audit tail for documents.
  • Document retention policies.

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