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teacher using digital smartboard to teach elementary school students

Imagine a traditional whiteboard made digital and connected to WiFi. That, in a nutshell, is a smart board. It also connects to a laptop or display screen and projector setup. From professors giving lectures to training seminars, to work conferences and presentations, a smart board is an interactive display that allows colleagues and students to collaborate across distance, devices and time zones. Thanks to exciting features that make interactive presentations and meetings easier, smart board technology enhances learning and training, encourages collaboration and promotes communication. 

 They are an important tool in your arsenal of business continuity in times of uncertainty, uniting your team even when they can not be in the same room.

They come integrated with an internal OS and access to full PC functionality. With a quality smart board you can present, annotate, share, stream, whiteboard & more. 

Why Should You Use a Smartboard for Your School or Business?

  • Interactive, engaging and exciting to use

  • Encourage greater collaboration — any participant can add their knowledge to the presentation through the use of a smartpen

  • Support a range of media including video, texts, audio and images, resulting in presentations and meetings that are more detailed and informative


Hybrid learning is here to stay. The COVID-19 pandemic has definitively changed the way students across the nation go to school. School is now taking place in person, remotely and as a hybrid experience, with educators counting on technology to help support their students’ needs, be it academically, socially or behaviorally.

Smartboards enhance learning, empowering educators and students to teach, learn and collaborate remotely.

Benefits of Technology Integration in the Classroom

Smartboards allow for seamless technology integration, aiding in instruction and projecting visual elements through connections to computers, digital cameras, video cameras—even microscopes.

Thanks to a touchscreen option, teachers can run programs and zero in on teaching points with the tap of a finger. Visual learning comes to life with interactive diagrams, charts and videos.

Download icon Download: OneScreen Touchscreen for Education 


Whether your meeting takes place across the globe or in the same building as your colleagues, a digital, interactive smartboard is the perfect tool for brainstorming and boosting collaboration amongst your colleagues and team members. 

Flexible and intuitive, smart board technology integrates with other devices and platforms you’re already familiar with. Manage your digital whiteboard just like any laptop or desktop resource. Even video conferencing becomes a breeze and, regardless of size, a smartboard can be used across industries: financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. Even HR and onboarding, employee training and professional development courses become streamlined and easier to manage. 

 Download: OneScreen Touchscreen for Business 


Smartboards are available in 55”, 65”, 75”, 86”. 

Need a larger size? We can help you with a videowall of 2X2 (4 screens), 3x3 (9 screens), or 4x4 (16 screens).

ABE is an authorized dealer for OneScreen smart boards. Whether you’re in the office or the classroom, integrated smartboards enhance your sessions. Start the conversation with us today to find your best solution.