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ABE Non-profit Spotlight: SOAR NC

Group of schoolchildren on a hike posing for a photo

We're pleased to shine our community partner non-profit spotlight on SOARNC, founded in 1977 by Jonathan Jones, an adult with a learning disability who believed that focusing on an individual’s strengths, rather than their deficits, was critical in ensuring their success. He and his wife began the non-profit organization with programs built around the specific needs of the Learning Disabled (LD) and ADHD youth they serve. Their understanding of these youth is evident in everything they do

Non-Profit Client of the Week: BlueWest Opportunities

Group of program participants and employees sitting at a table working on crafts

This week we highlight our non-profit client BlueWest Opportunities, an amazing local organization providing residential services to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, with the goal of developing life skills and providing community integration.