Backup & Disaster Recovery

Don’t Take a Chance with Your Data

For many businesses, there is no greater threat than the possibility of losing important documents and confidential data through a security breach, natural disaster, accident or disgruntled employee. Guard your company against a devastating loss with backup and disaster recovery services from Advanced Information Systems.

Secure Backup

With both cloud and local backup solutions, our Backup program will cover all the bases in the case that a disaster strikes. The datacenters that will house your data are all secure and have redundancy in place to ensure the safety and availability of your data. Today a company is only as good as its data, so it’s critical to have a secure backup solution in place.

  • Cloud-based and in-house solutions that are both secure and scalable
  • Scheduled backups ensure your data is always up to date and totally secure
  • AIS monitoring of errors to keep your current backup sets from being corrupt when you need them the most
  • Local server virtualization for quick recovery or offsite virtualization for business continuity

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