Unleash Next-Level Wide Format Printing

3 men stand beside a car in a business parking lot in front of business sign

On the move with, from left, ABE sales manager Baxter Culler, Canon’s Dusty Morrow, and ABE account rep. Cade Ramsey, ready to share the game-changing perks of the Canon Colorado Series.

After a training session by Canon’s Eastern Region Dealer Sales Manager Dusty Morrow on the Canon Colorado Series production printers for large format graphics, our team didn’t just stop at the training room—we took the Canon show on the road! Dusty accompanied sales team members on several calls to go over the mind-blowing capabilities** of the Colorado Series production printer with a number of interested printers and in-house marketing teams in WNC. Brace yourselves, because the Canon Colorado Series production printer for large format graphics is about to revolutionize your printing game.

**Spoiler alert: Imagine printing glossy and matte finishes—on the same job, at the same time—without ink changes, media swaps, or extra varnish channels! White ink that doesn’t make you white-knuckle it? Yup, the Colorado Series has that too. Other game changing benefits to the highly productive 64” roll-to-roll printer include the wide range of output, including self-adhesive vinyl, wallpaper (seriously!), vehicle wraps, backlit printing, magazines, banners and more; low maintenance; low cost of printing, and sustainable UV gel technology. What’s arguably the best part? This beauty grows with you—field upgrades mean no more costly machine swaps as your business booms. Just level up the available options for your Colorado Series! It’s a #PrintingRevolution

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