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The dreaded copier upgrade. While MFP copiers, also known as all-in-one printers, have become indispensable tools in almost every business, combining printing, scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities into a single device, pretty much everyone dreads when the time comes to upgrade. However, an outdated device can hinder workflow and limit your organization’s potential. Upgrading your MFP to a newer model can provide a multitude of benefits, including higher ROI, increased productivity, enhanced security, and improved document management.

Assessing Your Copier Needs

Before embarking on the copier upgrade process, you’ll want to thoroughly assess your current MFP usage and identify areas for improvement. Consider the following:

    • Print volume: Determine the average number of pages your office prints per month. Is your print volume what you thought it would be when you signed the lease, or are you printing more—or less—than anticipated? How quickly do you need to print? Is your current MFP printer able to handle your print demands?

    • Functionality: Evaluate your current MFP copier’s features and identify any additional capabilities that would benefit your workflow. Do you need color prints, or B/W only? Are you able to print documents on the paper sizes you need? Other features to consider include duplex printing, automatic document feeding, scanning and mobile printing. Don’t overlook finishing options such as stapling, booklet making, and more.

    • Security: Assess the security measures of your current MFP and ensure it meets your company’s data protection requirements. Advanced security features such as user authentication, data encryption and follow me printing are available with newer MFP models.

Exploring Upgrade Options

Once you have a clear understanding of your needs, you’re ready to explore various MFP upgrade options. Consider the following factors:

    • Lease vs. purchase: Decide whether to lease or purchase your new MFP. Leasing offers flexibility and predictable costs, while purchasing provides long-term ownership and potential tax benefits.

    • Brand and model: ABE will help you evaluate different MFP brands and models to find one that aligns with your budget, performance requirements, and desired features. You can even schedule a demo.

Your copier upgrade options include:

    • Upgrade to Keep: This option allows you to keep your existing copier and upgrade to a newer model. You will typically pay a monthly fee for the new copier, plus any associated maintenance costs. Example: You are currently leasing a copier that is 3 years old. You can upgrade to a newer model and keep your existing copier as a backup or for overflow printing.

    • Upgrade to Return This option allows you to return your existing copier to the vendor and upgrade to a newer model. You will typically pay a monthly fee for the new copier, plus any associated maintenance costs. Example: Your current copier is 5 years old and is starting to experience frequent breakdowns. You can upgrade to a newer model and return your existing copier to the vendor, eliminating the need to worry about future repairs.

    • Customer Buyout to KeepThis option allows you to purchase your existing copier outright from the vendor at a discounted rate. Once you purchase the copier, you are responsible for all future maintenance and repairs. Example: You are nearing the end of your copier lease and are happy with the performance of your current machine. You can choose to buy out your lease and keep the copier to avoid having to invest in a new one.

    • Customer Buyout to ReturnThis option allows you to return your existing copier to the vendor but receive a payment for its remaining value. You will not receive the full purchase price, but it can be a good way to offset the cost of a new copier. Example: You are considering upgrading to a new copier with advanced features. You can return your existing copier to the vendor and receive a buyout payment that can be used towards the purchase of your new machine.

ABE leverages 40+ years of proven expertise in office technology solutions with outstanding relations with top brand names such as Konica Minolta, Canon and KIP. We work well with all leasing companies and offer a proven track record of excellent customer service.

The Upgrade Process

The specific upgrade process will vary depending on your vendor and the chosen MFP model. However, the general steps typically include:

    • Consultation: after understanding your specific needs, your account executive will recommend an appropriate MFP solution

    • Quote: ABE will provide a detailed quote outlining the cost of the MFP, installation and removal, training, and maintenance contract, if selected

    • Contract: Once you agree to the terms, a contract will be signed, and ABE will order your device and schedule the installation

    • Installation: ABE service techs will install the new MFP, configure it to your network, and provide training to your staff and return the old equipment to your leasing company

    • Data migration: If applicable, ABE will assist in transferring data from your old MFP to the new one.

Ongoing Maintenance of Your New Copier

Regardless of whether you lease or buy your new MFP, consider investing in an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure optimal performance and longevity. ABE offers a comprehensive standard maintenance plan that includes on-site service calls, firmware updates, toner, drum and parts replacement—in short, all supplies except staples and paper. 

Our Advanced Support maintenance plan also includes service loaners, phone support via our Help Desk, copier network troubleshooting, and more.

Our goal is to help you minimize downtime and maximize efficiency with the right plan for your organization. We can even add devices you purchased through other providers to an ABE service agreement, helping you keep track of all costs under one monthly invoice.

If your current contract will be coming to an end within the next year, you’ll want to avoid missing any contractual deadlines and explore your options sooner rather than later. Take action and schedule a free consultation with us today. Book a Teams meeting or a quick call to 828.210.4309.

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