4 elementary school children play a learning game while seated on the floor

Forget rows of desks. Picture a world where discovery goes hand in hand with self-direction, and wonder weaves through every lesson. Learning mathematical concepts becomes a tactile symphony through objects that engage a child’s sense of touch and provide a multi-sensory experience. Captivating stories spark a love for language, gently guiding children towards abstract thinking through a naturally spiraling curriculum. Welcome to Mountain City Public Montessori, WNC’s only public Montessori school.

Where Academics Meet Social-Emotional Growth

Staying true to the Montessori philosophy that all children are natural learners motivated by an internal drive to build skills and understand the world, teachers educate the whole child, integrating their physical, social-emotional, cultural, and academic needs and interests.

Says Rachael Shaw Marshall, Curriculum Director at MCPM, “Our vibrant, multi-age classrooms encourage care, connection, and collaboration. Challenges bloom into leadership opportunities and even struggling students find their footing by guiding younger peers, nurturing confidence and discovering their unique strengths in this supportive environment.”

Montessori classrooms forgo rigid rows of desks, thriving on student freedom and ownership. Even the young learners take charge of their learning journeys, exploring at their own pace and building confidence through every decision. Operations and Finance Director Brittany Wager observes, “We believe children desire independence, and when given clear lessons and allowed to experiment for themselves, can do a great deal for themselves.”

The Power of Long-Term Montessori Classrooms

Cultivating confidence and connection: three years in the same classroom help children develop strong, supportive relationships with their teachers and peers and leads to the development of robust classroom cultures. The daily 3-hour work periods guided by expert teachers help students hone executive function skills like planning, goal setting and self-reflection, all while tackling their chosen learning adventures. Young minds dive into learning through engaging Montessori materials.

Secure your child’s spot for next year’s vibrant Montessori adventure! Limited spaces available, contact the Operations and Finance Director today to schedule a tour.

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