2 men sitting in front of computers doing online training courses

This week we take a quick peek into the training room as ABE service techs Eric Haines and Chad Angel participate in an in-house, intensive 7-day training led by Konica Minolta instructors. Intended for service professionals only, this comprehensive class provides technical theory and training on the following C4080 Series and peripherals:

  • AccurioPress C4080/C4070
  • AccurioPrint C4065

Training that totals almost a 40 hour work week might seem like a lot, but the AccurioPress C4080 Series is truly an all-in-one print manufacturing powerhouse, combining advanced real-time automation of color and registration management with sophisticated inline finishing options, as well as providing features to streamline workflow and print output. There is a lot to take in, and as the training progresses, Eric and Chad will also get hands-on training in our shop, putting into practice what they’ve learned.

Keeping Up with Constantly Evolving Technology

As with any technology, new models and technologies are continuously arriving on the market, making the job of an imaging tech, or service technician, a constant learning process. Notes ABE operations manager Mike Cordiale, “The Konica Minolta training that Eric and Chad are completing will make us stronger in our customer service and give them the confidence to tackle any issues that may come along. As an ABE customer, you can be assured you will receive service from a highly-trained, fully-credentialed professional.”

Mike adds that at ABE we have techs trained on every piece of equipment we sell—just one of the reasons we receive the ProTech Service Award every year. The ProTech award is difficult to obtain and speaks to the level of service and expertise we provide to our customers, recognizing exemplary customer support and satisfaction.

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