What is slow scanning and when do you need it?

Slow scanning is the process of scanning documents at a slower speed to ensure that every detail is captured. This is especially important when scanning fragile or historic documents, as a standard scan may miss some details. 

You may need to slow down scanning speed if you are scanning any of the following:

  • Fragile documents, such as old maps or blueprints
  • Historic documents, such as letters or photographs
  • Documents that you need to capture every detail of, such as fine art or engineering drawings

How can a KIP wide format scanner help?

A KIP wide format scanner comes complete with embedded software that gives you complete control over the scanning process. This allows you to adjust the speed and ensure a gentle, non-intrusive scan that captures every nuance without risking the original. Once the document is scanned, you can easily apply image cleanup to optimize the document for use in today’s world or retain every intricate detail, capturing every fine line just as it appears in the original document.

For extra protection of tattered or torn documents, Kip scanners are compatible with carrier sheets. This adds an extra layer of care to ensure your fragile, aging, and valuable documents are scanned without causing further damage.

Contact us about slow scanning

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