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Data security is essential for anyone with an online presence. Many people mistakenly believe that companies will always inform them of data breaches that expose their personal account information to criminals. This was once true, but data leaks are now so common that companies often fail to notify affected customers.

A Proactive Approach to Data Security and Tracking Your Accounts Online

A proactive approach to tracking your accounts online is to use Have I Been Pwned, a tool that automatically tracks your information and alerts you if your email or phone number has been included in a data breach. You can perform a spot check by entering your phone number or email address, or sign up with your email address to receive notifications of future breaches and any accounts registered with that email address that have been compromised.

If you have been pwned, the website will tell you which accounts were involved and what personal information was leaked (username, password, SSN, date of birth, etc.). While you cannot prevent data leaks, you can take damage control by changing your passwords for those accounts as quickly as possible. Many of us forget which accounts we have even signed up for, so it is important to keep track of them and take control of your digital footprint.

Have I Been Pwned is a great way to track any leaks involving your data so that you can mitigate the potential damage.

Questions About Your Online Data Security?

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