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Wide Format

If you regularly print—or would love to start printing—jobs that are over 2 feet wide, consider a Wide Format Printer from ABE. No longer a specialty market, large-format print requirements are found in all size businesses today. With a wide variety of models that are user friendly but technologically advanced, you don’t have to be a design professional to take advantage of the many features they offer: 

  • Copying & Scanning
  • Built-in Accounting for jobs / clients
  • Multiple Paper Widths
  • Improved workflow
  • Print from Mobile
  • Built-in Network connections

Wide format models can print in widths of 24” to 60” or more in color or black and white, and on a wide variety of material for indoor and outdoor use, including peel & stick, and weather resistant. Regardless of whether they print with the latest inkjet technology (Canon) or are toner-based (KIP), they create high quality images with amazing color and clarity.

Wide format printers are used for the following:

  • Signage & Graphic Quality Art Prints
  • Large-scale banners & Posters
  • Outdoor Graphics
  • Electronic Circuit Schematics
  • Architectural & Technical Drawings
  • Construction Plans / Drawings
  • Textiles

Advanced Business Equipment represents many solutions from Canon and KIP, providing both professional and economical drawing reproduction as well as art-house quality color prints. We have helped many clients end costly out-sourcing and dramatically improve presentation quality.

Browse our selection of wide-format equipment then contact us for a virtual demo.

Canon Wide Format Printers
& Scanners

wide format Canon printer

KIP Wide Format Printers
& Scanners

wide format KIP printer for CAD and mechanical drawings