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What are Managed Print Services?

Illustration showing printers, service, ink cartridges, padlock and dollar sign for one fixed monthly fee

Managed Print Services (MPS) can be summed up in one simple equation: Printers + Service & Repairs + Supplies = One Fixed Monthly Fee

An MPS agreement not only saves you money, but it also clarifies printing costs across your business. Up to 90% of businesses don’t have a system in place to track the cost of printing documents, while companies typically underestimate printing costs by 30% to 40%. How can you manage something that you don’t actually measure? An MPS program gives you the ability to gain 100% visibility into what you print, and how you use your print fleet.

First step: site assessment

Before implementing an MPS program, a complete site assessment must be carried out to establish the baseline of what printers you have in your fleet, how much you’re using them, and how much it costs to do so, as well as a map of employees and document workflow. A physical walk-through and/or the use of a server-based software makes it possible to collect, understand and quantify this information, all of which is critical for accurate MPS design and deployment.

Every organization’s workflow is unique, so your MPS solution will differ from that of another organization. It should include recommendations for the most efficient placement of devices for user access, types of devices and relative costs.

This brings us to your fixed monthly fee: the MPS will include a set number of B/W and/or color prints per month folded into the agreement, as well as service, parts, labor and supplies (minus paper).

An MPS ideally also provides service to multiple brands of copiers and MFPs, meaning you don’t have to replace every machine in your business in order to enter into an MPS agreement.

Other important features to verify in your MPS agreement:

  • An MPS agreement should have built-in flexibility and quarterly reviews to ensure that your solution can adapt to your needs, i.e., changing print volumes, personnel roles and permissions, adding or removing printers, etc.
  • Local presence with onsite Held Desk and service technicians
  • Dependable fast service and first-call efficiency, as well as ease of interaction for service requests and ordering of supplies
  • Wide assortment of parts and supplies kept on-site, maintaining a high first-call efficiency rating to handle your service needs
  • Back-up inventory, including loaners
  • Proven record in effective fleet management
  • A proactive service team that performs preventative maintenance during service calls

An MPS program leaves your IT team and department managers free to focus on more strategic projects, rather than spend time trying to fix a printer or reorder supplies.

Advanced Business Equipment offers award-winning sales and service support, and an excellent MPS plan. If you’re looking for a partner who will work with you to make sure you get all of the benefits that an MPS program can offer, contact us for a print assessment.